How Do I Get Started?

Gathering documents is the first step in getting your mortgage going; use this guide as a way to jump start the process.
First Step

Secure Loan Application

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Gather Documents

Below is a list of the standard paperwork required from a borrower(s) for a loan approval. With the exception of FHA and VA streamline refinances, this information and these documents are generally required across the board. So whether you are looking to get pre-approved for a purchase or just wanting to refinance your current home(s), this is your initial “paperwork-gathering” task list.

1. Last 2 years’ W-2s and tax returns (all pages).
2. Most recent 30 days pay stubs.

3. Most recent 3 months statements for all banking/investment accounts (all pages).
4. Most recent quarterly retirement statements (all pages).

5. Copy or copies of your most recent mortgage statement(s) for any mortgages currently held.
6. Copy or copies of tax bill(s) and insurance policy premium(s) for any properties owned.

7. Copy of valid Driver’s License(s)
8. Copy of Social Security Card(s)

* Additional documentation may be required upon review of initial paperwork submitted *